… or that moment whenthe rising sun embracesyour sandy skin.


… or that moment whenall eyes are on you as your souldances in the middleof the party.


…. and this glance of happinessthat bounces you up in the sun,ready to savour it all day long.


… or that music thatoverwhelms your effervescentspirit and elevates your senses.


… or that fresh melancholy thatfills your glace and makes you laughand miss your pet; but hey, it’s right here …


… or that fire of joy bursting in the air,driving you joyful and thrilled;definitely it’s gonna be a party…

White Spritz

… or maybe this witty smile ticklingyour body and climbing up on your face;yeah, you’re gonna do it…

Rose Spritz

.… and this moment of sparklingsweetness when you feel so “yes”as nobody would ever say “no”.